Big Kids-Youth Shoe Size Chart | Women to Youth Conversion

Shoe manufacturers denote Y (Youth) for big kids (6 to 10 years old) shoe sizes. At age 6, your child may wear a youth size 1. Figuring out the right shoe size and shoe size conversion is easy using the shoe size charts below. We arranged two size charts, one for Youth, and the other one is a youth-women conversion chart to find youth sizes equivalent to women sizes or vice versa.

To view a comprehensive guide on Kids Shoe Sizes, visit this guide to know all about children’s shoe sizes, including infants toddlers and big kids for the U.S, U.K, Europe, and other countries.

Big Kids/Youth/Junior Shoe Size Chart

US Shoe SizeAgeinchescm
1 (1Y)6 yrs7 5/8 (7.63)19.4
1.5 (1.5Y)6-7 yrs7 7/8 (8.88)20
2 (2Y)7 yrs820.3
2.5 (2.5Y)7 yrs8 1/8 (8.13)20.6
3 (3Y)7 yrs8 3/8 (8.38)21.3
3.5 (3.5Y)7-8 yrs8 1/2 (8.5)21.6
4 (4Y)7-8 yrs8 5/8 (8.63)22
4.5 (4.5Y)8 yrs8 7/8 (8.88)22.5
5 (5Y)8 yrs922.9
5.5 (5.5Y)8-9 yrs9 1/8 (9.13)23.2
6 (6Y)9 yrs9 3/8 (8.38)23.8
6.5 (6.5Y)9 yrs9 1/2 (9.5)24.1
7 (7Y)10 yrs9 5/8 (9.63)24.5

You can also find a step-by-step guide on measuring your feet for the proper shoe fit.

If you are a woman and want to buy a pair of comfortable shoes, you should be confident that you pick the correct size. What are your size shoes to purchase? Test each foot for the right fit of the boots. We have also assembled size charts so that you can find the best comfortable pair. Also, we have included some tips on shopping for shoes. Continue to learn all about the exhibit scale charts, the development spurts, and much more. This guide simplifies the conversion of young shoes in size with precise chart measurements and easy conversion of shoe size.

The correct shoe size conversion for your adult U.S. shoe size can get confused through European shoe sizes to youth sizes. With shoe size charts and scroll-over comparisons, you can quickly find your European model; however, finding the young people equivalent to the women’s shoe is more complicated.

Big Kids Youth Junior Shoe Sizes
Big Kids Youth Junior Shoe Size Chart

Youth/Junior U.S. to U.K. and E.U. Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Below is the international conversion chart for big kids 6 yrs to 10 yrs old boys and girls. If you already know the feet length of your kid, then compare it with the chart to determine his/her U.S. shoe size and compare U.K. or E.U. shoe size to the U.S. size easily and quickly.

1 (1Y)32136-7 yrs7 5/8 (7.63)19.4
1.5 (1.5Y)32.5146-7 yrs7 7/8 (8.88)20
2 (2Y)3317 yrs820.3
2.5 (2.5Y)33.51.57 yrs8 1/8 (8.13)20.6
3 (3Y)3427 yrs8 3/8 (8.38)21.3
3.5 (3.5Y)34.52.57-8 yrs8 1/2 (8.5)21.6
4 (4Y)3537-8 yrs8 5/8 (8.63)22
4.5 (4.5Y)35.53.58 yrs8 7/8 (8.88)22.5
5 (5Y)3648 yrs922.9
5.5 (5.5Y)36.54.58-9 yrs9 1/8 (9.13)23.2
6 (6Y)3759 yrs9 3/8 (8.38)23.8
6.5 (6.5Y)37.55.59 yrs9 1/2 (9.5)24.1
7 (7Y)38610 yrs9 5/8 (9.63)24.5
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Why Would You Want to Do the Conversion of the Young Shoes to US-sized Adult Women?  

The explanation is that children’s shoes are always cheaper than adult ones. It’s also why children’s designs may be better than the adult. And almost always, as many shoppers find, you can find only available for children if they search for their beloved Cordillera sandals, for instance.

The easiest way to do that is to use your U.S. size minus 2 = your youth size if you usually wear women’s shoes to seek to work out how large youth will fit you better. I’m wearing a U.S. female size 8, for example. I will do the easy calculation to find my youth-size — 8-2 = 6– and where I should order a large kids-size six which would actually suit well.

But if you look at the scale charts carefully, you can find that the measurement is not always the same for women and big children. If, for example, you wear a woman six sometimes and a woman 6.5 sometimes, large children’s 4.5 will probably fit perfectly, because it’s right between the two. Seek first the greater numbers in the large children’s version, if you prefer to hold to the same shoe size that almost always fits for you.

When you find out about the youth of your female shoe, you can give up a whole new universe of shopping choices. 

Women to Youth Shoe Size Conversion

It is much easier to find the right shoe size and conversion if you reference a shoe chart such as the charts on our size guide. There you can find a step-by-step tutorial for the measuring of your foot to match the appropriate pair, and accurate foot calculation, like those in the shoe shop.

Shoe Size Women to Youth/Big Kids Conversion Chart


How to Convert Women’s Shoe Sizes to Youth?

If you wear women’s shoes and decide to find out the style of young people as they work better for you, adjust the style of the youth to female shoes. It is all easy and straightforward as discussed above. All you need to do is minus two from your youth size. This means a big kids’ 6 will suit reasonably good if you usually carry a U.S. woman size eight.

If you look at the shoe charts, you can find that it is not quite the same size for women and large children. Whether the feet are on the upper or lower side of the height, use the accompanying chart, which includes a more comprehensive set of comparisons for women and young adults.

And, in case you swing between a female size six and female size 6.5, large children’s size 4.5 can suit better as that’s right between them. Seek the larger number first in big children’s shoes because you want to stick to the same shoe size that nearly always fits for you.

You can easily and quickly convert your shoe size from youth to Adult Size. Manufacturers design the shoes using various durations, and the size can vary. Make sure that you stand and wear your new shoes’ socks. Take a sheet of paper and cover with a stylus across each foot. To measure the length of each foot, use a tape measure or ruler and find the right size with the larger foot measurement. Convert your measurement to the size of your U.S. shoe or Euro shoe using the charts.

Is Wearing a Youth’s Shoes Beneficial? 

It may seem a little weird to get the youth size shoe when you are female. In fact, when you tell anyone, they probably make fun of you. Despite all, the buying and wearing of comfortable youth’s shoes is not an issue for any reason whatsoever. “Women” and “youth” are, after all only manufacturers’ names, and numbers are nothing but measurements. If the shoe match, wear it, without thinking any further. Shop in the young’s section makes sense as it has many benefits. 

One of the great reasons to look for your pair of shoes is that you have a wide range of collections with various styles and designs to choose from. You can notice a variety of lovely patterns, types, and colors in young’s sizes, which are not accessible in female shoes. By extending your research into an entire section of the market, you are no longer limiting yourself to one small selection. However, athletic or sports shoes expressly built to fit the shapes and function of adult female feet are the exception. 

Wearing young’s shoes is even cost-effective. The price disparity between female shoes and young’s shoes may be surprising. If you are not persuaded, search for some footwear online and compare the price of a female shoe model with the young counterpart if one is available. Make a quick comparison of size, and you would realize that you get a fraction of the cost of the same pair from the same manufacturer. You not only expand your pair of shoes, but you also increase your savings!

What do you think about the conversion? What do you say? Would you want to wear young’s shoes? Do share your opinions on the comments.