Women’s Shoe Width Size Chart

Usually, shoe manufacturers/brands don’t use standard width and length systems, not only in the United States but all over the world. But we tried our best to gather reliable information from across the internet and craft this comprehensive women’s shoe width chart, which you can use to determine your proper width before going in-store or online shopping.

Women’s Shoe Width Size Chart


Please Note: The best way to get properly fitted shoes is in-store shopping. The charts above and below will only give you a good overall idea of how the width markings system works.

How to Determine Your Shoe Width

  1. Firstly, trace around your foot onto a piece of paper (Guide)
  2. Measure the width of your foot at the widest point.
  3. Similarly, Measure the length at the longest point.
  4. Compare your length with the shoe size chart to determine your size.
  5. Finally, find the corresponding “Standard Width” at the top of the column. That is your width!. Now you can buy perfectly fitted comfortable shoes easily.

Women’s Shoe Width Decoded

Standard WidthSuper SlimSlimNarrowMediumWideExtra Wide2X wide3X Wide4X Wide5X Wide6X Wide7X Wide8X Wide9X Wide
Brand’s WidthSS4A, 3A, S2A, A, AA, N,B, M, MW, RD, E, 2E, EE, WEEE, 3W, 3E, 4E, X, XW5E, 6E, XX, XXW7E, 8E9E, 10E11E. 12E13E, 14E15E, 16E17E, 18E19E +
Size 5131615161163165167165813164″31638916341516
Size 5.5783″18143812111678116147165813165″
Size 615161163165167169163415161851612111678116
Size 6.53″181438125813164″31638916341516518
Size 7116316516716916111678116147165813165″316
Size 7.518143812583415161851612111678116514
Size 8316516716916111613164″316389163415165185516
Size 8.514381258347811614716458413165″5316538
Size 9516716916111613161516185161211167811614716
Size 9.538125834784″3163891634151618516512
Size 1038125834784″3163891634151618516512
Size 10.5125834784″18516121116781161471658
Size 119161116131615161163163891634151618516121116
Size 12111613161516116316516121116781161471658131

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