Baby Toddlers Shoe Size Guide: Measurements & Conversion Charts

Intending to support parents to shop for the perfect sized shoe for baby with ease and comfort, we have created this guide. Read the guide to make your hunt for the right size shoes easy.

This is toddlers shoe size guide, to view all size charts, go to Kids Shoe Size Guide.

Being a parent of a toddler, it is not easy to envision anything because you fear that your children are constantly outgrowing. It goes with everything, from clothing to their shoes.

It’s not the first time you find yourself in the shoe store back-to-school shopping. Shoes are a challenge all year long, and the right pair makes all the difference.

Toddler Shoe Sizes
Toddler shoe size conversion chart

Almost two-thirds of kids are forced to walk in the wrong size shoes as per a new survey. Approximately 65% of children have not the right-sized shoes to wear. Among these, 47% are too tiny for one scale, and 18% are even two sizes above. Only 35% of the population has the right size, and just 11% have ‘space to expand.’

Your little ones need to wear two comfortable kicks a day, get it wrong, and you might have serious foot defects in your baby before they even learn to walk!

Things get worse when you purchase shoes online. Even the best of best kid’s shoes can make your kid petulant and moaning when it comes to the size. Sadly, the best advantage of online shopping for children’s shoes is indeed the greatest drawback. You’re not in a retail shop, and before you buy them, you can’t put them on and make sure about the right size. Yes, this is one scary thing you have to go through every second month. But it can be dealt with the proper knowledge of your kids’ shoe size.

Shoe Size Chart for TODDLER | 2-4 Years

We developed this helpful shoe size chart for both boys and girls toddlers to enable you to shop the right shoe for your tots with ease and comfort.

In.Cm.Size (US/CA)Size (EU)Size (UK)Size (JP)

U.S. Versus European Size Chart for Toddler

Foot Length (inches)Size (US)Size (UK)Size (EU)Average AgeAverage Size
3.5″10.5166 weeks – 3 monthsNB or 0-3M
3.75″21173-6 months3-6M
4.125″32186-9 months6-12M
4.5″43199-12 months12-18M
4.75″542012-18 months18M
5.125″652118-24 months2T
5.5″76222 years3T
5.75″87232.5 years4T
Toddler General Kids Shoe Sizes


How to choose healthy shoes for children

How to Pick the Correct Size Shoes?

Are you worried about how to know the size of your kids’ foot for a shoe? No worries. You can get to know about the right size of your kids’ feet in the comfort of your home. The process is very straightforward and quick.

All you need to have are a ruler, a notebook, a pen or a pencil and a chair. Make your little ones set on the floor or a chair. Identify the contour of your kids’ foot with a pencil or pen. Place their foot on a paper and draw the sketch. Be sure that the pencil or pen is level, you draw it down or so far along the foot as you keep it at an angle, and you may get a calculation not precise as to how wide the feet are. When you have carried down the sketch, make sure to weigh from the top to the maximum point of the drawing. The diameter of the foot may also be estimated from the same drawing from two broadest points.

When is the Right Time to Get Your Toddler New Shoes?

You may never realize that it’s time to get your little ones a new pair of shoes until your toddler cries about being uncomfortable. It is a smart thing to test the kids’ shoes from time to time and ensures that they can like everything they use.

Look for places or strained seams that are especially worn. Unless the sides float or wear out quicker than the remainder of the foot, they might not be wide enough. Toes that bend upwards is often an indication that the shoes don’t match well, and the toes or heels worn suggest a fresh pair of shoes.

What Shoe Size is Perfect for Your Toddler?

Your child’s foot will be twice as large compared to what it was at birth when turn four. A child’s shoes can be quite firmer than an infant’s shoe, but plenty of flexibility still needs to be provided. For the child’s foot, a little arch help goes a long way for a child’s foot. Never try to correct the walking gait of a child without an informed diagnosis and recommendation by a podiatrist. And if your child is older, their feet will continue to grow quickly. Most feet of kids between the ages of four and five expand every four to five months at least one-half shoe scale. Given that, it is wise to purchase little big shoes for your kids as they grow quickly. But stop buying oversized shoes that are too wide, or that can turn your kids’ walk into a risky journey.

Baby Shoe Size Chart by Age

USUK EU Average AgeSold Under Infant
or Toddler Label?
10.516newborn to 6 monthsinfant/baby
2117newborn to 6 monthsinfant/baby
32186 to 12 monthsinfant/baby
43196 to 12 monthsinfant/baby
542012 to 18 monthsbaby/toddler
652212 to 18 monthsbaby/toddler
762318 to 24 monthsbaby/toddler
872418 to 24 monthsbaby/toddler
982524 months plustoddler/little kid
1092724 months plustoddler/little kid
11102824 months plusbig kids
12113024 months plusbig kids

What type of shoes should be best for your baby?

It is particularly essential after the age of six that children wear supportive athletic shoes when playing, especially in after-school sports. While the feet of children are more immune and thus less susceptible to damage, Saver’s disease, inflammation of the growing heel growth plate, remains the most severe cause of persistent pediatric foot pain. Participation in sports requiring a lot of rides and leaping like basketball and soccer without shoes offering adequate archery protection is a more frequent source for children heel discomfort.

Basic Kids’ Shoe Shopping Principles

Kids do not enjoy shopping, unlike adults. But at the pace at which they pull off shoes, it’s a must to take the size of their foot important. Use the guidelines below to ensure the kids’ shoes match correctly. Your next trip to the kids’ shoe store would never be a hassle.

  • The foot of children grows at varying levels. That is why you should check your child’s feet once every few months so that they can carry a shoe that suits appropriately.
  • Don’t make a kid wear a shoe that’s too small for her feet irrespective of your child’s age! Child’s feet tend to expand and evolve, and often, foot issues are induced by poorly designed children’s shoes.
  • Young kids prefer to curl their toes that seem to be misleading when fitting shoes. Always ensure the foot is completely flat.
  • Don’t place the child in a shoe that is so heavy; otherwise, the child would fall on foot.

What are the safest fabrics for toddler’s shoes?

When deciding between the materials of children’s feet, the safest fabrics are leather and linen.

Are the size of the toddler and the size of the young shoes different?

Yes. For children’s shoe sizes by age, there are three separate types: infants, pre-schools, and school.

How can you figure out the right category of shoes?

The numbers and letters in children’s shoes are often combined. The ‘DICK ‘S Sporting Goods’ marks children’s sneakers with a ‘K’ in the shape of small girls of pre-school age. A new set begins after a 13K. Here’s where it starts to be complicated. Shoes vary from 1 to 7 on this scale. So, a 1 is higher than a 13K.

So then how do toddler shoe sizes work?

While toddler shoes often use the letter ‘K’ for identification, some brands may use a ‘T’ or a ‘C.’ Infant shoes start at 0K. Shoes that fit a toddler will run from 4K-10K.

What is the scale of a pre-school student’s shoe?

Shoes for a child are 4K-10K. Both ranges can go for preschoolers’ shoes. Such shoes can differ from 3K-11K, based on the size of your little one.

A Word from SizeEngine

It can be a bit confusing when it comes to finding the shoes perfect for your little one’s foot. Many parents scratch their heads on the issue of “how to do the sizes of children’s shoe work.” Our guide can address all the concerns you have most frequently about the size of your child’s foot.


How do I know my toddler's shoe size?

Carefully measure your toddler’s feet from the heel to the tip. Always consider their big toe using a scale or ruler as growing foot typically ranges in thickness. Pick the greater of the two-foot measurements and apply between 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) or 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) to the length to accommodate for growth bursts.

What size of shoe is a two-year-old baby?

The recommended size is 6-7 for a 2-year-old baby. For the perfect match, use standards to determine a toddler’s shoe size from age. For more information visit kid’s shoe size charts.

What size shoe does three-year-old wear?

The recommended size is 8-9 for a 3-year-old.

Should your size up in toddler shoes?

Get your kid a pair of shoes to fit the bigger of the two feet. When your children wear shoes, and their feet are wholly stretched (watch for the toe crunching!). There should be a little space between the bottom of the foot of your children-about a half-inch.

Do toddlers need half size shoes?

They grow a half size a few times and a full size a few times (as toddlers). It varies depending on their feet and the particular style, etc. They’re getting bigger more often than not, but sometimes the sneaker runs long, so they’re going up a half size. Measure their feet every two months to avoid putting your child in shoes that are too small or too large.

What size shoe does 18-month-old wear?

The shoe size for baby 18-month-old should be around 15-15.5 in length.