Nike Women´s Shoe Size Chart

Firstly, measure your foot length and then use the Nike women’s shoe size chart below to determine your size. It is important to know that your foot length (centimeters) might be different than the CM size on your shoebox.

Below is the standard Nike size chart you can use to determine your US, UK, or EU size easily and quickly.

Nike Women’s Size Chart

52.535.58 5/822
5.53368 7/822.4
6.5437.59 1/823.3
74.5389 3/823.7
7.5538.59 1/224.1
85.5399 5/824.5
8.56409 7/825
9.574110 1/825.8
107.54210 3/826.2
10.5842.510 1/226.7
118.54310 5/827.1
11.594410 7/827.5

Comparison Charts

Convert your women’s Nike shoes to men, kids, or youth easily with comparison charts.

Women to MenWomen to KidsWomen to Youth

Grabbing the wrong Nike shoe size should not be an option as it not only does make you feel uncomfortable, but it may lead to certain foot diseases. You can do something to facilitate your shopping by slipping the index finger between your heel and your shoe’s bottom to ensure about width. It should suit your finger snugly. Not too loose, not too tight. You will need a larger size if it is small. Head down one size if it’s too small. Regardless of what you look for, you can’t tolerate the wrong size pair because you like comfortable shoes.

You would typically step into the same wrong size as you change your old pair for a new if you don’t consider our Nike women’s shoe size guide and chart. If you switch labels, it’s a decent starting point to adhere to the same JP or CM scale for the perfect fit. Measure the feet and translate them into the US, British, European, Spanish, Mexican, or foreign foot measurements or inches and centimeters for the perfect match.

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