Nike Shoe Size Chart for Men, Women & Kids

Nike shoe size charts for Men, Women, and kids in Inches and CM. Measure your feet and then compare it with the relevant table to determine your Nike size easily and quickly.

You might not believe, but the wearables covering your feet currently have a history of 40,000 years.

A time preceding the advent of shoes is impossible even to bring in mind. Nevertheless, what began as a realistic endeavor has evolved into a big, thriving business, equally concerned with the art and the functionality. While any shoe has essential features, coloring, fabrics, and styles have radically altered the exciting past of footwear over several thousands of years.

If we talk about the present time, we have hundreds of shoe labels with different shoes at different costs. Standing on the brink of a retail revolution in a rapidly changing retail scene, significant firms are enjoying phenomenal revenue growth. This is doubtful that the world footwear market will ever decline, with global footwear demand increasing at a remarkable pace.

Nike Shoe Sizes

No matter what shoe brand may come, Nike would remain to be unbeatable. Nike has always been at the vanguard of innovation, technological development, and advanced marketing campaigns that help Nike surpass the popularity and sales of other brands.

Important note: your foot measurement (centimeters) might be different than the CM size on your shoe box. You can also compare Nike shoe sizes with other popular brands.

Men’s Nike Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Get to know the size of your shoe and enjoy the comfort of wearing the perfect size footwear. Please note that this chart is a general guide.

3.5335.58 1/221.6
43.5368 11/1622
4.5436.58 13/1622.4
5.55389 3/1623.3
65.538.59 3/823.7
6.56399 1/224.1
76409 5/824.5
7.56.540.59 7/825
8.57.54210 1/825.8
9842.510 3/826.2
9.58.54310 1/226.7
1094410 5/827.1
10.59.544.510 7/827.5
11.510.545.511 1/828.3
12114611 3/828.8
12.511.54711 1/229.2
131247.511 5/829.6
13.512.54811 7/830
151449.512 3/831.3
161550.512 5/832.2
181752.513 3/833.9

Nike Women’s Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Wearing the right Nike shoe is important whether you are an athlete or not. Yet shopping the perfect shoe is quite challenging; you have to come across with a lot of hurdles. Follow Nike shoe size chart for Women to make your hunt easy and simple.

52.535.58 5/822
5.53368 7/822.4
6.5437.59 1/823.3
74.5389 3/823.7
7.5538.59 1/224.1
85.5399 5/824.5
8.56409 7/825
9.574110 1/825.8
107.54210 3/826.2
10.5842.510 1/226.7
118.54310 5/827.1
11.594410 7/827.5

Baby & Infant Shoe Size

Treat your kids better. Treat your kids with the right size shoe. The comfort of your child should be of sole importance which you cannot deny. Get the right measurements of your kids’ foot and compare them with the below charts.

0C0153 3/168.3
1C0.5163 9/169.1
2C1.5173 15/1610
3C2.518.54 4/1610.8
4C3.519.54 9/1611.6

Toddler Shoe Size Chart

2C1.5173 15/1610
3C2.518.54 4/1610.8
4C3.519.54 9/1611.6
5C4.5214 15/1612.5
6C5.5225 4/1613.3
7C6.523.55 9/1614.2
8C7.5255 15/1615
9C8.5266 4/1615.9
10C9.5276 9/1616.7

Little Kids (Preschool) Shoe Sizes

10.5C1027.56 12/1617.2
11C10.5286 15/1617.6
11.5C1128.57 1/1618
12C11.529.57 4/1618.4
12.5C12307 7/1618.8
13C12.5317 9/1619.3
13.5C1331.57 12/1619.7
1Y13.5327 15/1620.1
1.5Y1338 1/1620.5
2Y1.533.58 4/1620.9
2.5Y2348 7/1621.4
3Y2.5358 9/1621.8

Big Kids (Grade School) Shoe Sizes

3.5Y335.58 12/1622.2
4Y3.5368 13/1622.4
4.5Y4378 15/1622.7
5Y4.537.59 2/1623.2
5.5Y5389 4/1623.5
6Y5.538.59 6/1623.8
6.5Y6399 9/1624.3
7Y6409 11/1624.6

Youth (Boys & Girls) Y Sizes Nike Shoes

The right size shoe can make your life easy. Too loose or too tight — both can result in foot injuries and discomforts. Follow Nike’s shoe size chart for Youth to grab the perfect match.

1Y13.5327 15/1620.1
1.5Y1338 1/1620.5
2Y1.533.58 4/1620.9
2.5Y2348 7/1621.4
3Y2.5358 9/1621.8
3.5Y335.58 12/1622.2
4Y3.5368 13/1622.4
4.5Y436.58 15/1622.7
5Y4.537.59 2/1623.2
5.5Y5389 4/1623.5
6Y5.538.59 6/1623.8
6.5Y6399 9/1624.3
7Y6409 11/1624.6
7.5Y6.540.59 13/1624.9
8.5Y7.54210 3/1625.8
9Y842.510 5/1626.2
9.5Y8.54310 8/1626.7
10Y94410 11/1627.1
10.5Y9.544.510 13/1627.5

A Little to Know About Nike

Nike Inc. is a Portland-based multinational corporation involved in footwear, accessories, production, manufacturing, and foreign marketing and distribution. Knight created Nike shoes with Bill Bowerman, his former track coach.  In June 2016 after 52 years at the company, Phil Knight, founder of the shoe giant Nike, retired as President.

Nike is considered to help the world’s greatest players and sells products to the top sports clubs and organizations. It is shown by statistics that Nike has over Adidas, the whole upper hand.

Even though the segment may be broad for footwear and sports, Nike primarily targets customers between 15 and 40 years of age. The organization caters male and woman players and also focuses on children and young adults.

Facts You Might Not Know About Nike

  • Brand production is Nike’s most intensive growth policy. In this intensive strategy, new products are introduced to increase sales revenues. The Nike Mission Statement, for example, stresses creativity through innovative shoe designs and associated items.
  • Nike gives its consumers a reason to come to their website every day to speak to Nike to speak to their friends. Nike gains an important insight into customer needs by establishing a two-way dialogue with customers, and they do not listen only, but respond, as results indicate.
  • Nike provides useful data on how consumers use their goods. Everybody gets added value: consumers get something that allows them to engage with their health and with mates.
  • In 2020, the value of the Nike brand amounted to approximately US$ 34.8 billion, up more than US$ 2 billion from 2019.

Best Nike Shoes

Nike Air Force 1

Initially introduced in 1982 as a basketball sneaker, the Nike Air Force 1 remains a classic in the modern-day. But the cloth upper of the icon with springy air cushioning in the middle foot preserves the origins; it’s simpler to remember.

Nike Air Max 1

Thanks to the middle sole Air Max-Cushion, it reveals the first-ever visible air unit seen on a sneaker and starts off the Air Max Line, which lasted for decades. Nike Air Max 1 is the leading one in the footwear sector.

Nike Dunk

Nike Dunks came into being in 1985. Thanks to their sleek look and countless shades, it has transformed into street culture effortlessly since its debut.

Nike Blazer

The Nike Blazer is commonly regarded for its basketball roots. Since then, its clean and simple design has turned into an everyday shoe.

Nike Mag

The Nike Air Mag, first introduced in the movie “Back to the Future Part II,” is now one of the most famous sneakers ever made. Between 2011 and 2016, just a small sum was given as couples were auctioned off to collect funds for the work of the Parkinson’s Michael J. Fox Foundation.

How to Find Your Shoe Size and Fit in Nike

Measure your foot size

The first step is all about measuring your foot at home by standing on the white sheet of paper and drawing our foot. You need to measure both foot one by one and consider the measurements of a bigger foot.

Find Your size

It is recommended to use a sizing conversion chart to obtain your shoe size in step 1. Match the measurement of the length with the proposed shoe size.

Find Your width

Most people are in a regular running shoe width, although others may feel that their foot form is ideally matched to a broad or narrow option. In order to evaluate the ideal shoe width, you should use step1 width measurement along with the shoe size.

How to Check Your Shoe Fit

  • The heel and midfoot should feel snug with a well-fitting shoe with some space around the feet.
  • Check your right length and width while standing by pressing the thumb down next to the football and around the toes. A reasonable match is intended for the area of the half to one complete thumb.
  • Keep the foot back to have the heel lifted. Few or no movement must be observed when you do this.
  • On each side of the tongue, look at the eyelet line. The rows should be similar to one another in parallel.

Shopping Tips to Follow

1. Have your budget in mind.

You own three black heels pairs already? Remember: that doesn’t imply you need them if they are on a hot sale offer.  Don’t buy unnecessarily. Keep now a chart of the shoes you are hunting for, and stick to.

2. Purchase in the evening.

Believe it or not, your hands and feet are itching all day long so it may take you a lot of agonies to buy a pair of boots in the morning. It is recommended to shop at the end of the day to find a “real size.  Your shoes will fit better and be more comfortable after your feet have been moving.

3. Know the type of your arch

It’s more like mission impossible to follow the right pair of comfortable athletic shoes — a high or low arch can be the problem. W et the foot and stand on a sheet of White Paper. You should be able to decide your arch form based on the wet sections of your paper. You can see much of your footprint, for example, if you have a flat arch. The middle portion of your footprint (the arch) will be lacking when you have a high arch. And if you have a regular arch, the paper should wet about half of it. You can then shop for the right shoe, using this information.

4. Before you buy, try three sizes.

Better to be safe than to be disappointed, right? Firstly, try the size of the shoe you wear usually. Choose a smaller half size and a bigger half size. Many people are trapped in percentages, but various strive for brands – or even different shoes in a company – are variable. Your feet tell you the size of your purchase.

5. Don’t buy it if you can’t walk.

It looks perfect, but you can’t wear it literally. Save your money and instead buy something convenient. Your comfort comes first.

6. Forget trends.

If your body does not put up with those shoes, put it back and start to shop another one! For example, an ankle bootie or shoe can be able to cut off your leg, making it look shorter, which’s not a good look, even though it’s the trend for someone with short legs.

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Comparison Charts

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How should Nike shoes fit?

For the perfect fit, get Nike shoes either a half size or a full-size up. It does not matter even if going off of the Nike shoe size chart.

How many inches in men’s size 13 Nike?

It is 11 5/8 in men’s size 13 Nike. View men’s shoe size comparison chart.

Are Nike shoes true to size?

Nike shoes are slightly smaller than competitors such as Adidas or Reebok and the typical sports and athletic shoe size of customers. Nike’s sneakers also come not only a little bigger, but often a little longer in length

What size air force 1 should I get?

Air Force 1s normally match half a size down, but the sizes I carry are truer. They give your shoe a snug fit with additional fly wire cabling.

Do Nike shoes fit compared to Adidas?

Adidas are true to size. Nike runs a small half-size.