Men’s Shoe Size Chart: Measurement & Conversion Guide

Use our men’s shoe size charts and conversion tables to help determine what size shoes best fit your feet. Also, learn how to measure your foot comfortably and quickly at home to know your shoe size before you go shoe shopping in-store or online.

More than often, we take important things for granted and end up with the piles of regrets. Buying your shoes is no exception. If you want to wear your shoe comfortably and without pain, you must get your hands on the shoe that is perfectly sized for your feet.

Mens Shoe Size Chart

Below is the men’s U.S. size chart compared with the U.K. and Europe in inches and centimeters. If you already know your measurements, then compare it with the table below. To measure your feet, visit How to Measure Your Shoe Size at Home easily and quickly with step by step guide using simple tools like paper, pencil and a ruler.

Men Shoe Size Guide

Men’s U.S. Shoe Size Chart

US Men’sUK Men’sEU Men’sinchescm

You can also find shoe sizes for women here.

How to Measure Your Feet for Shoes

Measuring Foot Size

An incorrect shoe size will not only harm your legs and back, but it can also hurt your routine life as well as your job. It makes you walk weirdly and painfully. Fortunately, it’s easy to determine your foot dimension in the comfort of your home.

Measure Adult Feet At Home

Check out the right size of your feet at home. It is straightforward, and you’ll need just items you already have in the house — a ruler, a notebook, a pen or a pencil, and a chair to sit.

  1. Sit on a chair. Place your foot on the floor is what you ought to do. If you use those socks with the shoes you want to purchase, make sure that you have them in place.
  2. The contour of the foot would have to be identified. Be sure that the pencil or pen is level, you draw it down or so far along the foot as you keep it at an angle, or otherwise you may get a calculation not precise as to how wide the feet are.
  3. When you have drawn, from the top to the maximum point of the drawing, you may need to weigh. The diameter of the foot may also be estimated from the same drawing from two broadest points


How Your Dress Shoes Should Fit

What are the measurements and conversion of shoe size?

Note that the UK, the USA, and the EU have different measurements when buying your shoes, and you may need to convert the shoes from an international seller if you purchase them.

Around five large-scale networks, Japanese, Chinese, US, UK, and EU, are in place.

Women’s proportions don’t automatically imply the size of a male shoe – a male of 6 cannot suit a female of 6. Measurements and assessments are also better to ensure the proper sizing guide or the right one to buy.

This is also important to note that each shoe brand will differ somewhat from place to location, and it is best to consider another pair of shoes before changing brands.

When you weigh your foot and think your foot vary in inches, you are encouraged to purchase a size up. This stops the feet from being so hot and painful. You may also choose a better fit by adjusting your shoe size from UK to the EU style.

It is very special because you purchase a 12 in a men’s brogue, you won’t require a 12 in a sports shoe for convenience. The shoe’s textures and form are both prone to the positioning of the foot within a pair, and you might need to squeeze into a shoe so low.

Men’s US to Europe Conversion Chart in Inches

US SizeInchesEurope
8.510 1841/42
910 1442
9.510 71642/43
1010 91643
10.510 3443/44
1110 151644
11.511 1844/45
1211 1445
1311 91646
1411 7847
1512 31648
1612 1249
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Are US and UK shoe sizes the same?

Many people consider that the size of the U.K. shoe is the same as the USA for many men. They’re not similar. Although the two shoes are distinct, they are shockingly similar. It ensures that the scale of the U.K. foot is quite close to American foot measurements; the disparity in size is generally only around 0.5 for men and 2 for women. Female shoe size in the U.S. is 9, which is equal to a United Kingdom size 7. On the other hand, a U.S. men’s shoe size 10.5 can be 10 in the U.K.

Men’s International Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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Why should you not wear too tight and too wide shoes?

Wearing a small size is dangerous for your foot. It makes you uncomfortable and even changes the posture of your foot. Tight shoes can cause foot issues, like bunions, cramps, blisters, and maize. The same goes for over-sized shoes. Wearing shoes that are a little wider than you like makes you walk poorly. Such uneasiness and foot conditions can be prevented by taking care of your feet and picking the right size.

When buying the best men’s shoes, make sure that you test them at the end of the day as your feet swell slightly, so when you have a pair you want, you must have them.

Men’s Shoe Width Chart

If you know your measurements, you can quickly determine where you fall on the U.S. men’s shoe width chart below: Read the complete men’s shoe width guide here.

U.S. Men’s Shoe SizeNarrow (B/N/C)Medium/Standard(D/M/R)Wide (2E/E/W)

In the chart above the term “B” is for narrow and “E” for wide.

B, N, and C are used for ​narrow widths; D, M, and R indicate medium and standard widths; and 2E, E, and W indicate wide widths.

Similarly, A, S, 2A and 3A for extra narrow widths and 4E, EE, and WWW for extra wide widths.

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How can you know if your shoes are perfect?

It is good that you have taken all the appropriate measures to determine the shoe size; still, you will require some time to see if your shoe has fitness as perfect as you want. There are a few ways to say your shoes are either perfect to be wear or not.

If you notice blisters developing in or on your feet, it may be an indication that your shoes are too small. A too tiny shoe will trigger your foot to sleep or to fall asleep. Meanwhile, your shoe is too big, because of the welts on your foot.

How to use the right insoles and inserts?

The shoes you purchase are built to suit the greatest amount of people with limited arch support. That implies that you will attach arch support irrespective of the height of the arch to make it convenient for your feet.

Over the counter, shoe inserts fit great for the vast number of citizens. Which involve different forms of partial shoe inserts and large insoles.

Persons with arthritis, severe biomechanical issues, chronic accidents, or high-intensity athletes also profit from the podiatrist’s design insoles. The key factor is strong assistance when you buy shoe insoles.

It is not the end of the universe to find a nice pair of shoes that do not protect the form of arch support. Flat shoes won’t annoy you, but they’re not going to lend you an all-day comfort service either. In certain situations, the purpose of the foot is to be isolated from the work of the supporting arch insoles.

Healthy footwear or orthotics may enhance comfort for many active people. Tennis players, runners, skiers, golfers, and other amateurs of sport can be best regulated by attaching the quality insert to their feet, more strength, and comfort.

There is a wide variety of insoles and orthotics. If you are searching for a cost-effective alternative, remain with the firm, medical arch support. Through your favorite sports, you will get real biomechanical assistance, long-term ease, pain reduction, or increased performance.

How can you take care of your shoes’ insoles?

Insoles are synthetic components within the shoes or boots for added ease, insulation, and safety. The primary use of insoles is to make the shoes more convenient to wear. They are often called ‘foot floors’ or ‘inside soles’ and make up the hollow space within the shoe between the toes.

Taking care of your insoles will help your shoes last longer. These are two of the easiest ways to hold this one in better shape: pull them out of your shoes and rinse them out.

Wash insoles by hand. Just wash the insoles with a mild detergent or sports detergent in spray, clean and dry before placing them back in your socks. Insoles will help you tackle a variety of comfort and balance problems.

A Word from SizeEngine

Don’t hesitate to spend quality time buying the most comfortable shoe for you without forgetting about the style and design. The strongest starting point for having shoes that are stylish and simple to wear is to ensure that the sizing is right.


What size do men's shoes start at?

The starting shoe size for a boy is one, and it ends in size 13. Boys’ shoe sizes then rise to size four until men’s shoes begin at size 5. There is a difference in size between a boy size four and a men’s size 5. The difference in the size depends on the manufacturer’s exact length.

What is a size 42 in men's shoes?

A size 42 in men’s shoes is 9 in US size and 8.5 in UK size.

What size is 43 men's shoes?

A size 43 in men’s shoes is 9.5 in US size and 9 in UK size.

Do men's shoe sizes go by inches?

Yes. Carefully measure the length of your foot. Weigh both of your feet. You can get stronger outcomes if you sit in a chair by the time you weigh yourself. You can weigh in centimeters or inches. Multiply inches by 2.54 to convert inches to centimeters.

What is a size 8 in men's shoes?

A size 8 means 41-42 EU size in Europe. Size 8 is 8.5-foot scale if you are in the USA.

Is the men's size six the same as women’s?

No. There is a 1.5-size difference between men’s and women’s shoe sizes. It means the men’s size six would be women’s size 4.5.

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