Girls Shoe Size Chart: Measurements & Conversion

In this article: we’ll show you girls’ shoe size charts, size by foot length in inches and centimeters, and how to measure girls’ foot at home.

As your girl grows up, it may be tough to purchase shoes that not only fit her but also look good on her. Style yet comfort both are important. You have to pick up the stylish boot in the right size. The footwear calculation may be a challenging activity; however, it ensures you are picking the correct shoe in the right size.

When looking for girls’ shoes, there are quite a few things to remember. In addition to style, it is important to ensure the comfort, support, and space of each footwear to be developed effectively.

It is not wise to count on your kids to let you know when anything is incorrect, and wear inappropriate shoes may create ongoing problems. Fitness, form, and feature are the things that make shoes suitable for both boys and girls.

Girls Shoe Size Chart by Length

If you already know your girl’s foot length, then compare it with the chart below to determine her U.S. shoe size easily and quickly. But if you don’t know how to measure, just go to how to measure step by step guide.

Foot Length (Inches)US Shoe SizeFoot Length (CM)
3 5/819.2
4 3/8311.1
4 3/4412
5 1/4613.3
5 5/8714.3
6 1/4915.8
6 5/81016.8
6 7/81117.4
7 1/81218
7 3/81318.7
7 5/81Y19.4
8 3/83Y21.2
8 5/84Y22
9 3/46Y24.7

Shoe Size Conversion Chart Girls US to UK & EU

New born (NB)0-1 (C)0-0.515-16
3 months1-2 (C)0.5-116-17
6 months2.5-3 (C)1.5-217.5-18
12 months4 (C)319
18 months5-5.5 (C)4-4.520-20.5
2 years6-8 (C)5-721-23
3 years8-9 (C)7-823-25
4 years10 (C)926
5 years11-11.5 (C)10-10.527.5-28
6 years12-13 (C)1129
7 years12-13 (C)11-1229-30.5
8 years1-2 (Y)13-1(Y)31-32
9 years2-4 (Y)1- 3(Y)32-35
10 years4-6 (Y)3-5(Y)35-37

The above chart is the approximate size table for girls as per the U.S. shoe size system. To view girls’ international size comparison chart, visit girls U.K. or E.U. sizes.

Measuring the Size of Young’s Feet

Understanding the size of your girl’s feet is important, and it can be done easily without stepping out, at your home. When you know the right size, you can get the right pair. It’s not just necessary to know the exact measurements of their feet but also help your kid to develop their feet.

The foot of the baby grows by a total of two sizes a year between 0 and 4 years of age. It is advisable to measure a child’s foot every six to eight weeks with shoes replaced every three months. Their feet should be quantified at least 2-3 time in a year as the size may increase by 1 per year on average as children grow older.

These are only guidelines, however, and shoes need to be replaced when necessary.

Measuring Foot Size

The process is simple, and in no time, you get to know about the correct size of your girl’s fee. Get a piece of people, pen, ruler, or scale. Draw the contour of your girl’s feet by making her stand on the paper placed on the flat surface at your home. Measure both of their feet as the sizes may vary. Carefully write down the size and save the measurements. The collected measurements can be used to get the perfect-sized pair of footwear.

How many inches is a girls size 2 shoes?

There are approximately 8.125″ inches for girls size 2 shoes, which is equivalent to 33 in EU shoe sizes.