8 Year Old Boys/Girls Shoe Size Chart

Eight-year-old boys and girls fall in the “Youth” category in terms of shoe sizes. The size chart below depicts 4.5Y, 5Y, and 5.5Y sizes for 8-year-old kids. If you already know the measurements of your kid, then compare inches or centimeters with the table to determine the shoe size.

8 yrs4.5 (4.5Y)35.53.58 7/8 (8.88)22.5
8 yrs5 (5Y)364922.9
8-9 yrs5.5 (5.5Y)36.54.59 1/8 (9.13)23.2

View the full chart here.

The chart above is just an estimated overview of your kids’ size. However, the best way to buy a perfectly fitted shoe is to ask the salesperson to measure your kid’s shoe size. For online shopping, you can visit the brand’s site to view their shoe sizes because shoe sizes vary from brand to brand and even country to country.

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