1 Month Old Baby Shoe Size

The 1-month-old baby boy or girl usually falls under the infant or pre-walker category. Here’s a full-size chart depicting length and width alongside standard U.S. U.K, Europe, Japan, and other international sizes. If you know your baby’s feet length and width, simply compare it with the chart below to determine the estimated average shoe size for your baby.

The one-month-old baby usually does not need shoes. However, socks and booties are commonly used for babies 0-1 months.

1 Month Old Baby Shoe Size Conversion Table

Approximate AgeGeneral SizeLengthEUUKUSAJapan
1 monthXXXS3 1/8″ inches160018.5
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If you don’t know your kid’s foot measurements, read how to measure kid’s shoe size guide. The above shoe size chart is just an idea for understanding what sizes to try on your child. The best way of finding the perfectly fitted shoes for your baby is having your child’s feet measured by a salesperson at the shoe store.

Size Charts by Age

Baby One Month to 24 Month Shoe Size Chart
1 Month2 Month3 Month
4 Month5 month6 month
7 month8 month9 month
10 month11 month12 month
13 month14 month15 month
16 month17 month18 month
19 month20 month21 month
22 month23 month24 month
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6 to 20 Year Old

1 year2 year3 year
4 year5 year6 year
7 year8 year9 year
10 year11 year11 year
12 year13 year14 year
15 year16 year17 year
18 year19 year20 year