Shoe Size 8 and 8.5

Everything you need to know about shoe sizes 8 and 8.5 (8½). What is its length in inches and centimeters, and how to convert women’s 8 to men’s format? Also, US size comparison with other size systems such as Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, Mexico, and other nations in the world.

What is Shoe Size 8?

The shoe size 8 is used for women, but it also exists in men and youth sizes. Usually, in the United States, women’s size is two numbers higher than the men’s size. If you are a woman with U.S. size 8, then it is 6 in U.S. men.

Shoe Size 8

Analyzing Shoe size 8 and 8.5 (8½)

Chart for size 8 in women and men in inches and centimeters, US, UK, EU, Japanese, and Mexican sizes.

Women8638-3925 cm259.5″24.1
8.56.53925.5 cm25.59.75″24.6
Men87.54126 cm26.59.94″25.3
8.5841-4226.5 cm2710.1″25.7
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What is Women’s 8 Shoe Size in Men’s

Here’s the conversion chart for women’s size 8 to men’s or youth compared with UK and EU sizes.

US WomenUS Men/YouthUK MenEuro Men
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Size 8 in Narrow and Wide Sizes

Women’s 8 Width Size Chart

Women US Narrow (AA) (inches)Narrow (AA) (cm)Medium (M or B) (inches)Medium (M or B) (cm)Wide (D) inchesWide (D) (cm)Extra Wide (EE) (inches)Extra Wide (EE) (cm)
83 3/16″8.1 cm3 9/16″9 cm3 15/16″10 cm4 5/16″11 cm
8.53 1/4″8.3 cm3 5/8″9.2 cm4″10.1 cm4 3/8″11.1 cm
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Men’s 8 Width Size Chart

Men US Narrow (B) (inches)Narrow (B) (cm)Medium (D) (inches)Medium (D) (cm)Wide (EE) (inches)Wide (EE) (cm)Extra-Wide (4E) (inches)Extra-Wide (4E) (cm)Extra, Extra-Wide (6E) (inches)Extra, Extra-Wide (6E) (cm)
83 9/169.03 3/4″9.53 15/16″10.04 1/8″10.54 5/1611.0
8.53 5/89.23 13/16″9.74″10.24 3/16″10.64 3/811.1
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