Ring Size Chart & Measurement Guide

When planning to buy the ring online, most of us are skeptical about the ring size chart and the appropriate size as well. But you cannot let the moment spoil by purchasing a ring that is not fit or comfortable, can you? Well, in that case, measuring the ring size is crucial.

When you are visiting the jewelry store, you can check for the appropriate ring and then purchase one. But with online purchases, you have to be careful. And to not buy the wrong ring, measuring the ring size is super important.

If you are looking for the idea of having to measure your ring size or your partner’s ring size, you might need to do proper research to ensure that you do not get a ring that is too tight or loose for you.

In this article:

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  • How to Measure Ring Size
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Ring Size Guide

Women’s Ring Size Guide

Firstly, measure your ring size at home and then compare the measurement with the chart below to find your size. You can easily compare your measurements from mm to inches and cm for the United States and Canadian ring sizes.

Ring Size Chart

US Ring SizeDiameter (mm)Diameter (inches)Diameter (cm)

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Ring Diameter MMRing Diameter InchesUSA Canada Mexico UK Ireland Australia New Zealand Germany France Spain Italy Japan China
15 mm0.594H46.86,57
15.3 mm0.604.5I4888
15.6 mm0.625J49.39,59
16.2 mm0.635.5K50.610,510
16.6 mm0.656L51.91211
16.9 mm0.676.5M53.113,513
17.2 mm0.687N54.414,514
17.8 mm0.707.5O55.71615
18.1 mm0.718P571716
18.5 mm0.738.5Q58.318,517
19.1 mm0.759R59.52018
19.4 mm0.769.5S60.82119
19.7 mm0.7810T62.122,520
20.4 mm0.7910.5U63.423,522
20.7 mm0.8111V64.62523
21.0 mm0.8311.5W65.92624
21.6 mm0.8412X67.227,525
22.0 mm0.8612.5Y68.52926
22.3 mm0.8713Z69.73027
22.9 mm0.8913.5Z+27132
23.2 mm0.9114Z+372.333
23.6 mm0.9214.5Z+473.634,5
24.0 mm0.9415Z+574.835

Some of these ring sizing tips will help women to measure the size of the Ring at home without the need to visit the outlet. Now you no longer require a professional from a jewelry store to help you with the sizing of the ring.

What is the best time to measure the ring size

Keeping in mind that the size of your fingers might change all over the day because of the medication or the temperature. Sometimes, the fingers’ size will also change because of hormonal imbalances and the various changes in the body. Therefore, it is best to measure your finger’s size for the Rings multiple times of the day. Ensure you measure your fingers at various time frames to ensure that you are not getting a ring that is not appropriate for you.

The fit of the Ring

The next thing that each one of you has to consider is the fitting of the Ring. Finding the perfect point of fit for the ring is not so difficult. You need to make sure that the fit of the ring is neither loose nor uncomfortably tight. Just make sure that the ring does not fall off of and stays in place. There has to be enough space for the natural changes in your finger size throughout the day.

What to do when the size is not available?

Sometimes you might come across some Jewelers that are not offering the same size that you want. If you are getting rings that are not for your wedding or engagement, you can go for a slightly bigger size but do not go for something smaller than your actual size. However, if you are looking for an engagement and wedding ring, it is best to find the Jewelers providing the exact size. There shouldn’t be any compromise when looking for rings for such a big occasion.

Wide bands of the Rings

If you choose to get the ring with a wide band, it won’t be appropriate to get the ring in the same size. If you choose the Rings from the US size chart, you can go a half size up and if you are choosing from the British ring size chart, then get a full-size ring.

Knuckle size

The size of the knuckle is another essential thing that is missed most of the time. You should check the size of the knuckles and the size of the Ring that you need to get. If the size of the ring is is same as the size of the Knuckle of the finger, you can wear it quickly. However, in some cases, the size of the knuckle is more significant than the size of the Ring. in that case, you have to get a ring that fits the knuckle and your finger both.

Ring Size Guide
Printable Ring Size Chart

How to Measure the Ring Size?

The simple steps below will help you find the accurate ring size.

1: Use string or floss

Get a piece of string that is up to 4 inches long. Now wrap it around your finger below the knuckle. The point at which the paper or the piece of string overlaps is where you have to mark the piece of paper or string. Now check the length of the string to the point where there is an overlapping mark. This length will be the circumference of the ring and needs to be measured in millimeters. There is one thing that you also need to do you. Measure the size of the Knuckle and see if there is a massive difference. If yes, then get a ring that is fit for the nut and the finger.

2: Place your used ring on chart

Put the ring you already have on the chart and note the size. Increase the size by half for the best fit. You can also measure the circumference of your ring. Get a ruler and measure the diameter of the inner side of the Ring from one page to another edge. Then use the tools that are available for converting the diameter into the circumference. It will provide you with the perfect ring size.

3: Using ring sizer

Another simple and easy method is to print out the ring sizer available on the internet. Cut this ring sizer accordingly and wrap it around your finger for accurate ring size.

4: Professional Help

If you do not believe in your measurement process, don’t worry. All you have to do is go to your nearest jewelry store for an accurate engagement ring size. They use sizing rings and ring sizers to get an accurate number.

Men’s Ring Size Guide

Usually, men have a comparatively different ring size chart as compared to women. However, there is no rocket science in measuring the ring size of the men.

It is the same as you measure the ring size for the women. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider additionally.

When considering the ring size and understanding the process of measuring the ring size for men, there are a few factors.

Size of the Knuckle

Some of the men have a smaller ring size, but the Knuckle size is the real problem. Therefore you have to be sure that you are getting a ring that is appropriate for the Knuckle size as well. Because when you are not considering the Knuckle size, you will not be able to wear the ring. It will get stuck in the area where the Knuckle is, and it will not go further. So you must measure the size of the Knuckle and the size of your finger as well.

Considered the accuracy

When you are using the string method, you can wrap multiple strings around your finger and then measure the string’s length to see the circumference. If there are only one string and no repetition, it will not be accurate. Usually, the size fluctuates with the temperature, and sometimes the fingers are swollen or shrink according to the temperature. Therefore, you must consider measuring the ring size at least three times and use multiple strings to measure your finger for better accuracy.

How to measure the ring size for a man?

  • The first solution is to get a ring sizer. There are various ring sizes available in the market that can help you determine the size of the ring. It is a small tool that will help you with the full sizing. Both men and women can use it.
  • Use the ring that you already have to measure the ring size. It is another way and easier method to measure the ring size. If you already own a ring, it is easier for you to determine the ring’s size. Usually, the size is available between 14 millimeters to 22.6 millimeters. You can choose which size is best for you.
  • You can use the always used method, that is, the string method—that method we have already discussed the ring size for women. You can check the methods and the step in that portion. It is a more comfortable and simple method that can be used by anyone.

A Word from SizeEngine

Measuring the ring size is not tricky. You can quickly determine what the size of your ring is and how to place an online order. Whether you are getting it for yourself or someone else, measuring the ring size can be the simplest and easiest thing that you can do. Ensure that you are doing it at least two times or three times to ensure that you are getting the accurate ring size.