Women Pant Size Chart: Conversion & Measurement Guide

Women are always conscious when it comes to styling. At the workplace, we want to leave our professional guise, while at home we need comfortable clothes to carry out all those routine chores. Finding correctly fitted, comfortable pants, or jeans can feel like winning a jackpot. Not only can it boost energy and confidence but also help prevent fatigue.

Unfortunately, it is hard to find nicely fitted pants/jeans because sizing varies from one designer to another, and there are hundreds of thousands of brands and styles out in the market. We’ve put together everything you need to know about your pant size, how to measure your size, and men to women conversions and size charts for plus women’s, petite women’s, and junior’s women.

Women Pant Standard Size Chart

Size LettersSize NumericWaist (inches)Hip (Inches)
Women Pant Size Chart
A Size Chart for Women Pants Small Medium Large and Extra Large Jeans

Women’s dress size chart

Here’s another size chart with bust, waist, and hips sizes in centimeters and inches. If you know your measurements, then compare with the chart below to determine your dress size in the US.

US sizeBust

International clothing sizes – Women

Size LettersUS SizeUK / AU / NZItalyFranceGermanyJapanRussia
XL / 1X14185046441952
1X / 2X16205248462154

Plus Size Chart for Women’s Pant

Gone are the days when only thin female models appeared in fashion magazines and ramps. The scope has been widened. Talking about the present days, even plus-size women are on the ramp, inspiring hundreds of thousands of people. It all happens just because of the availability of a wide variety of plus size outfits in the market. So, if you are in quest of stylish yet comfortable pants for your fuller figure, have peace of mind that comes knowing you will have numerous options. Regardless of your size, you can have correct size pants and can steal the limelight.

Each designer is unique, and the sizing comparison is varying.  However, you can use this general chart for plus size women to help determine your size.

SizeUS SizeBustWaistHip

Three Common Sizes in Pants for Plus Size Women

  • Women’s Sizes – Cut with a looser, more relaxed fit — in women sizes are the sizes that follow with ‘W’ and have more generous curves, widen hip areas, and ample bust. They are best for women who have a full figure.
  • Misses’ Sizes – “Misses” sizes include the sizes for plus women. They commonly carry a simple number. For example, 20 or 22. Though these sizes are used for all the pieces, sometimes they include in more youthful looks.
  • X Sizes – X usually refers to sizes for large or extra-large. It is inclusive and comes with a non-tailored fit.
Letter SizeBustWaistHipWomen’s SizeMisses’ Size

Why Must you Choose the Right Pair?

Women love to wear various styles of pants. What makes you stop choosing anyone with so many styles, colors, and silhouettes to choose from? 

Plus-size pants are perfect for work, play, and everything in between. From fashionable joggers and relaxed Chinese to knitted and dressed trousers, you have several choices. Ensure that you take the right pant with your fuller figure. Specifically, for sizes 12W and up, these Plus Pants need to be made to find a pair that you like first.

Not the correct size of pants make you want uncomfortable, and you can even end up hurting your body.

Women Pant Size Waist Hip Inseam
Women Pant Size Waist Hip Inseam

Consider Measuring your Waist

Even though we love to wear pants, most of the plus-size women choose the wrong size, that is why muffin top is such an issue. This is not a laughing matter; many women wear waistband in the wrong size. Most female jeans are not done with waist but with pants. Jeans for men are generally measured with the size of the waist.

 Measure the size of your waist and make the pants custom for the length. Ask your tailor to fix the size based on the fabric in the waistband and seat of the pant, regardless of the size of the pant. Some pants, — particularly those with finished bottoms, come without waste fabric to be removed and have seams not comfortably tailored. In this way, you must purchase the correct size and length because they are supplied with finished bases, but if you find them too long, ask your tailor to make them much shorter.

How to Measure Women's Pant Size at Home
How to Measure Women’s and Men’s Pant Size at Home

Best Brands to Shop Pants for Plus Size Women

Navab, PrettyLittleThing, Boohoo, Mango, ASOS Curve, Elvi, River Island, and New Look.

Petites Women’s Pants Size Chart

You’ve purchased your favorite top; it’s perfect. Now, to complete the outfit, your favorite top needs a pair of pants. When you wear the correct pair of jeans, you may feel your best and look fantastic. Stand out beautifully in floral, fluid, or animal print. You will feel amazing until you choose a pair – choose the best one.

The below chart is designed for women 5’4″ or shorter. Check out and get help from our size chart. It’s going to assist you in finding the perfect pant you want to carry.

Size LettersSize NumericBust (Inches)Waist (Inches)Hip (Inches)

Junior Women‘s Pant Size Chart

A trendy junior pants range is only one click away from you. You can get your stylish, hands-on designs from broad leg pants to lose trouser pants, which take you from lounging around the city to the night. But you have to take into account the right size for ideal everyday pants. Consider our size chart for petite women to get the correct sized pair.

SizeNumeric SizeWaistHip

Pant Size Conversion Chart Women to Men

Below is the standard/regular women pant size to men’s conversion chart in inches which you can use to determine your pant size in the men’s. Please note this is just an idea, to find your perfect fit, stick with the retail store or brand’s size chart.

Size LettersWomen’s Pants SizeWaist InchesMen’s Pants Size
XXS024 – 25.5″21
XS225 – 26.5″23
S427 – 28.5″25
S628 – 29.5″27
M829 – 30.5″29
M1031 – 32.5″31
L1233 – 34.5″33
L1435 – 37.5″35
XL1638 – 39.5″37
XL1840 – 41.5″39
XXL2042 – 43.5″41
XXL2244 – 46.5″43
3XL2447 – 49.5″45
3XL2650 – 52.5″47

Why Must You Wear the Right-size Pant?

It takes a little time and energy to shop the right pant — because there are several things you have to ensure. The size is on top of the list. The right pant makes you look nice and also boost your confidence.

You shouldn’t buy a size that is too large when you want to make the most of your pants. It slides your legs and forces you to move uncomfortably when you wear your pants too heavy. It even slows your walking speed. The large pants that go around cause blisters, cuts and sore spots to get upset. You might get sores when the pants brush into the skin when they’re too baggy. Tight pants can cause a lot of discomforts or difficulties — damage appendices, create red patches and exacerbate skeletal problems like the toe, the brush toe, and the bone spurs.

Get the Right Pair of a Pant with Size Chart for Women

None of the women around can deny the love of shopping. And when your favorite pants are at the talk, choices are almost endless. You can pick a pair of pants or jeans from so many shops. You can get it online. But you have to ensure the right size for the perfect match.

Sadly, in pants sizing there is no one-size rule. Brands can vary in size. One clear sizing system is also not available. Therefore, the size charts should be taken into consideration for each brand. Your waist and hips must be measured in centimeters or inches so that you can compare the results with the size charts. For international sizes, an international conversion size chart is necessary.

Note: the size charts are designed to match the following body measurements with the clothing of several brands. Some brands may differ when it comes to size. However, you can still take help from them. Every brand has its own sizing chart, so stick with that to ensure buying the right size.

How to Find the Right Size in Your Pants?

The answer lies in the smart measurement!

You cannot expect the perfect size pant when you do not know the right size of your body. When it comes to the measurements of the pant, width and length are always important considerations. Most pants in the United States are calculated in inch units by width and length. This means: if you chose a pair of jeans, slacks, or khakis which say 32 to 30, the tail is 32 centimeters, and the inseam is 30 centimeters.

Understanding the size of your pants may seem a little challenge to most of the women out there, but it can be possible when you know several things. To find the size of your pant, you need to follow a step-by-step measuring guide.

Step # 1 Ascertain the size around your waist. You have to measure the area just slightly below your natural waist where you usually wear your pants.

Step # 3 Measure your hips with the help of a tape.

Step # 4 Measure your arm one by one. Make sure that you weigh the whole length of your arm. It will cover from nape to bottom of the shoulder and down to the hand.

Step # 5 Measure from the stomach to the floor. Avoid wearing any footwear or socks while measuring.

Note: Measurement is crucial. Take as long as you want and come up with the right measurements.

Shop Smart; Shop Considering Your Inseam

We all want to end up perfect shopping. We all want to spend our precious bucks spent in the right pair of pants. Yet most of us forget to consider inseam. The inseam is the vertical line running down the pants, going up to the crotch within the leg. The 32 inches to 33 inches are the average inseam in tailor-less styles of pants for women, for example. A normal flare, on the other hand, is between 34-inch to 35-inch inseam.

Here’s how you can measure your inseam!

Take out pants you think perfect to your size. Place the pant on the floor of your room. Get a measuring tape, and start measuring the length. Make sure you measure the length from the crotch the bottom of the leg. Note down the measurement. It is your inseam. You can choose your next pair of great pants by using your inseam.

Shopping Tips to Consider

  • Do not rush. It happens with me and many of the young girls — we step out and go to some random shop and settle on the piece we fall. Do not fall for the style, only. Take time to make an informed choice to pick the right pair.
  • Take your size important. There are chances that your salesperson will convince you to wear a little narrow or tight little piece. Please, do not agree with them. Any pant that is not perfect for the size of your body can ruin your time, which you surely don’t want to happen.
  • Prices are an important consideration. It would help if you considered the cost of the pant you are purchasing, but I would not recommend you to leave the right piece due to its high tag.


How do you convert women’s pant sizes to men’s?

The conversion is simple. Take out 21 cm from measuring the waist of the male pants to convert male pants to female sizes. Men would, for example, have 32-inch waist pants, which can translate into 11, after the conversion. The inseam should typically stay the same for women as the second measure in men’s sizes.

What are US Standard Pants Sizes for women?

The US standard pants sizes for women vary between XS and XXXL. This system for sizing is usually used for lounge pants and sometimes pants. And, an average woman has between 18 and 20 larges to extra-large pant in the United States.

How to measure your waist for pant?

At the narrowest midpoint of the body, place a measuring tape and note down the measurements. Then, place tape along the inside of the leg to know the inseam.

What is W/L Size in pants?

W = Width. L = Length. For pants, W is usually applied to the width of the waist, and L is applied to the length of the leg.

How to measure inseam to understand your pant size?

Take a measuring tape and measure within the leg from the waist up to the point of the ankle or feet for inseam.