Hat Size Chart & How to Measure Guide

Getting a hat is not always about style and fashion; it is also about comfort and fitting. Getting a hat that does not fit your head is such a bummer. But to avoid that, you can get the hat that fits your head perfectly. And for that, you will have to know how to measure the hat size.

Men looking for the perfect hat also need to know the hat’s ideal size to provide it the best fitting. It is also essential that you work on learning how to measure hat size before going to place your order online.

Moreover, you also need to consider the hat size chart available when you are purchasing the hat. Let’s talk about how you can measure the hat size.

Hat Size Guide

How to Calculate your Hat Size?

In order to find your hat size, you need to measure your head circumference and compare it with the hat size charts. Please note, American sizes are usually greater than British ones.

  • Range of international hat sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL
  • American hat sizes: 6 1/2 – 8 1/8
  • British sizes: 6 3/8 – 7 7/8

TIP: 7 3/8 hat size doesn’t equal the 7 3/8 inch head circumference.

How to Measure Head for Hat?

What will you require?

You will require a tape measure or 25-inch string. Below is a step by step guide to learn how to measure head to determine your hat size easily and quickly at home.

Step by Step

If you are using a string, it is best to start at one inch above the ear and then to go all the way back and come back to where you started.

  1. Make sure you are meeting at the point where you started but do not overlap. Now that you are done with the first step, you can move on to the second step.
  2. Now when you have a string that you have used to measure the circumference of the head, you can use a ruler to find out the total measurement. However, if you are using a measuring tape, you do not need to do this step. A measuring tape will eventually provide you the total measurement without the need for a ruler.
  3. Both of these objects for measuring are totally fine, and you can use any one of those when needed.
  4. Now the last step is the final step. You have come a long way with measuring the circumference of the head. 
  5. You can now correspond to the hat size chart that is available when you are buying the hat. The measurement of the hat can easily be corresponded by the chart. Also, there are sizes available in both sizes US and UK. 

Note: There is a size chart available for both men and women separately. Moreover, you can also go for one size fits all hat. But also make sure you measure the size of the hat both in inches and cm. It will be easier for you to compare your US hat size with other countries including the UK, EU, and Asian sizes. 

Also, follow step by step process so that there is no confusion regarding the process of sizing the hat. There is no rocket science in measuring the size of the hat. Just be careful about finding the right size based on the correspondence of the size chart both in cm and inches. 

With the help of the charts below, you can easily find answers to the following questions, and many, many more:

  1. What hat size is large/ medium/ small? 🎓
  2. What hat size is 24 in? ⛑️
  3. What is a hat size large in inches? 👑

Hat Size Chart

Adult Hat Sizes

Hat SizeSizeInchcm
XS6 5/820 3/453
S6 3/42154
S6 7/821 1/255
M7 1/822 1/257
L7 1/422 3/458
L7 3/82359
XL7 1/223 1/260
XL7 5/82461
XXL7 3/424 3/862
XXL7 7/824 7/863
XXXL825 1/864
XXXL8 1/826 1/265

Youth Hat Sizes

Hat SizeSizeInchcm
S6 1/819 1/849
S6 1/419 1/250
M6 3/819 3/451
M6 1/220 1/452
L6 5/820 3/453
L6 3/421 1/854
XL6 7/821 1/255
XL721 7/856

💡 Please note, our charts are for general reference only. Sizes may vary depending on the brand manufacturer, materials, construction, and even hairstyle. So, we recommended reading the manufacturer’s size chart before ordering online.

Hat Size Conversion Chart US to UK

Size LettersUSUKcminches
XS6 5/86 1/25320 3/4
6 3/46 5/85421 1/4
S6 7/86 3/45521 5/8
76 7/85622
M7 1/875722 1/2
7 1/47 1/85822 3/4
L7 3/87 1/45923 1/4
7 1/27 3/86023 5/8
XL7 5/87 1/26124
7 3/47 5/86224 1/2
XXL7 7/87 3/46324 3/4
87 7/86425 1/4

Men & Women International Sizes

Head circumferenceInternational sizeUS sizeUK size
20.6 in/ 52 cmXS6 1/26 3/8
20.9 in/ 53 cmXS6 5/86 1/2
21.4 in/ 54 cmS6 3/46 5/8
21.7 in/ 55 cmS6 7/86 3/4
22.1 in/ 56 cmM76 7/8
22.5 in/ 57 cmM7 1/87
22.9 in/ 58 cmL7 1/47 1/8
23.3 in/ 59 cmL7 3/87 1/4
23.7 in/ 60 cmXL7 1/27 3/8
24 in/ 61 cmXL7 5/87 1/2
24.5 in/ 62 cmXXL7 3/47 5/8
24.9 in/ 63 cmXXL87 3/4
25.3 in/ 64 cmXXXL8 1/87 7/8

Tips & tricks on how to measure the size of the hat

Measure multiple times 

It is best to measure the size of the hat at least two times. It is best to measure multiple times to avoid the wrong measurement issues.

With measuring the circumference of the head multiple times, it becomes better to know the size of the head that you will be needing.

Go up a size

If you are unable to find the exact match for the size of your head, it is best to go precise that is closer to the circumference of your head. However, make sure that you are not going down the size but increasing the size. For better fitting, it will be a better choice to go up a size. However, if you are going down the size, it will not be as comfortable for you to wear as you would want it to be. The size variations in the fractions can make a huge difference.

Measure the size of the head without pulling the measuring tape tightly

When you are pulling the string or the measuring tape very tightly around the head, it will not provide you the correct size. Therefore, you must hold the string and the measuring tape properly without pulling it too tightly. When you pull the string very tightly, it is stretchable a little, and it will provide you a tighter size than you need.

Different hat sizes by different manufacturers

The size of the hat is comparatively different from every manufacturer. Therefore, you need to check the hat size chart of the manufacturer that you are ordering the hat from. It will become easier for you to check on the ad sizes and not end up with the wrong size. They might not be a massive difference in the size chart of each manufacturer, but to stay safe, it is best to check the size chart before ordering the hat online.

The size differs with the style

With variant styles, it is best to check the size of the hat individually. Because with various designs and the styles of the hat, the size of the head will also differ, and there will be a different level of comfort and fitting will also be different. Therefore it is best to check the size of every hat you get, no matter what the style is.

Can you get the one-size-fits-all hat?

Some of the hats that you will find for the women are available in one size fits all. These are flexible and stretchable hats that can fit anyone with any size of the head. It is an excellent idea for most people who do not know the exact fitting and size of their heads. These one-size-fits-all hats are usually available in women’s collections; however, there are very few options that you will find for men that come in the one-size-fits-all.

However, when you choose a delicate style, it is best not to go for one size fit for all but the exact size of your head. It will enhance the fitting and also provide you better comfort.


What is the Average Hat Size of Men and Women?

The most common men size is 7-⅜ (head circumference 23.3 in/ 59 cm) and the average hat size for women is 7-¼ (head circumference 22.9 in/ 58 cm)

What hat size is 57cm?

Small size is usually 55cm, the medium is usually 57cm, Large is usually 59cm. So 57cm hat size is medium which is 7 and 7 1/8. Measure your head size and then compare it with the chart above.