Understanding Men’s Shoe Width Letters

In-store shoe shopping can be more reliable than online because you can find the right shape, perfect size, and can select multiple shoes in a single trip without any hesitation.

When shop online, follow the brand’s size charts because each brand has its own sizes. This will let you decode their brand-specific abbreviations and will also encourage you to calculate your shoe’s length and width in inches or centimeters.

You don’t need to memorize the chart—all you have to follow a few easy tips till you get one good pair. Keep in mind first the letters vary from small to broad in alphabetical order. Therefore, a “B” width will always be narrower than “E” and the number of letters that suit each width will always be examined. Through the number, plus, it includes letters. For example, “EEE” is broader than “EE,” and “WW” is wider than “W.”

Men’s Shoe Width Size Chart


Shoe Width Ranges by Shoe Size

Bigger shoes are wider than those with smaller ones. But, with shoes that are either too long or too short, you don’t want to settle for the correct distance.

When shopping online, measure your feet first one by one and then by using a ruler measure the widest point. Compare that to an online graph displaying the normal widths of men’s shoes for each foot dimension.

When your sizing does have the numbers and letters correct, visit the website of your supplier and store. Do not forget to use an American shoe conversion chart for men before you purchase a shoe manufactured in Europe or overseas. Also, make sure to translate your American shoe size to an international standard.


How to make the most of the shoe size charts for width?

You don’t have to memorize the shoe size chart, but only make use of a few simple tricks. First, notice the letters range in alphabetical order from narrow to wide. Everything works alphabetically. A “B” width, for example, is always going to be narrower than an “E.”. The wider the size, the more letters it contains. 

Can you completely rely on the shoe size charts?

These shoe size charts are made by shoe manufacturers. Manufacturers have their own perspectives when it comes to sizes. Therefore, you cannot completely rely on these charts. However, they are a great help!

Why is it important to know the width of your shoe?

Know the width of your shoe. Know the right size of your shoe. Many people take the width of a shoe or granted and end up buying the wrong size shoe. Width is an important factor when it comes to purchasing shoes. Width is complex as manufacturers use a range of letters and numbers to refer to shoe widths; instead of labeling shoes as wide or narrow. Deciphered of the shoe width letter is all you need to do.