Men’s Shoe Width Chart

You just don’t understand the shoe size sufficiently to get a decent man shoe. Width is a factor that you can’t bear to ignore, too. Wide sizes of the shoe have many terminologies. They are usually very confusing to understand, but you need to understand it when you purchase a new pair of shoes.

Men’s shoes are available in various sizes (Standard, Small, Large, Ultra Large), plus letters (M, D, E, etc.) or in numbers (2A, 2E, 4E). Continue reading to understand how wide the shoes fit and the different sizes.

It would be convenient to tell, “broad” or “narrow,” to the shoemakers. Rather, a sequence of letters and numbers apply to the widths of the feet. This confuses everything, particularly when you shop online. However, after you have deciphered the letters of this shoe width (which can differ from business to business), shopping is a breeze. In this regard, shoe size charts or maps can help you overcome anything and everything in no time.

Understanding Shoe Widths

If you know your measurements, you can quickly determine where you fall on the U.S. men’s shoe width chart below:

U.S. Men’s Shoe SizeNarrow (B/N/C)Medium/Standard(D/M/R)Wide (2E/E/W)

In the above chart, “B” for narrow and “E” for wide.

Similarly, B, N, and C indicate ​narrow widths; D, M and R indicate medium and standard widths; and 2E, E and W indicate wide widths.

For extra narrow, A, S, 2A, 3A and extra wide widths, 4E, EE, and WWW is mentioned.

How to Measure Shoe Width?

Measuring the width of your shoes can seem scary, but it is easy when you know what to do and how to do it. So, here are some simple and easy steps you can follow to measure the width of your foot: Learn how to measure the length and width of your feet easily and quickly at home.

  • First, you need to get rid of the shoes and socks you are wearing.
  • Then, get some piece of paper and place your foot down on the paper on a flat surface.
  • You can use a pencil or pen to draw the contour of your foot. Make sure the accuracy.
  • Measure the widest part of your foot with the help of a tape measure.

And, that is it.


Shoe Width Ranges by Shoe Size

Bigger shoes are wider than those with smaller ones. But, with shoes that are either too long or too short, you don’t want to settle for the correct distance. When shopping online, measure your feet first one by one and then by using a ruler measure the widest point. Compare that to an online graph displaying the normal widths of men’s shoes for each foot dimension. When your sizing does have the numbers and letters correct, visit the website of your supplier and store. Do not forget to use an American shoe conversion chart for men before you purchase a shoe manufactured in Europe or overseas. Also, make sure to translate your American shoe size to an international standard.

Custom Shoe Fit

But then again, don’t wear it when the shoe doesn’t suit. Some guys have foot not meeting a traditional model in the shoe form. If this sounds like you, a good pair will never be identified when you purchase different shoes. Start with a local cobbler if you have one where you reside. If not, several online vendors are specialists in personalized accessories in a multitude of various sizes, from sports shoes to boots. And even though the cost is high, the performance and functionality of your shoe are going to blow doors on everything you purchase.

How to Determine If You Need Wide Width Shoes?

When you sometimes wear shoes that match longitudinally but sound clamped on the edges, this is a straightforward indication that you may require large shoes in width. A typical fix is to switch to a longer foot. It offers you the extra-long, but it is a tentative match with additional room on either the heel or the toe box. This can cause stinging or bubbling, adjust the gauntlet, and also create tripping-for many causes. The greatest thing is still to choose the perfect pair of shoes.

Do Feet Change Width?

Men who wear standard or medium-width slippers can be surprised to see that they wear wide-width slippers. In certain situations, where it is the wrong size, a poorly fitting shoe is oblivious to a lengthy break-in phase. It’s typical to expand your feet when you mature, either from weight gain or from natural ligament and tendon variations. Look for a pair of wide shoes if your feet are straighter than in the past.

What D and CD Mean in Shoe Size?

For men, D in shoe size indicates an average-sized foot while for women a wide foot. D is commonly used for men’s footwear by brands whose build not specific widths.

 C / D is a blend of two widths of footwear size. The football is (D) while the heel is C. Variations such as E / C, D / B, C / A, and more are also included.

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Widths

When compared to women, most men have wider feet, which is why charts are based on gender. A is usually used only in women’s sizes, while EEE and higher are mainly found in men’s widths. Many companies change that, though, to suit people with larger feet. D is a male medium but wide for females.

Why the Width is Important?

It is as necessary to select the appropriate width for your feet as the right length. Too wide or too narrow shoes can be uneasy and even painful to walk in.