Easy Ways to Get Grass Stains Out of White Shoes

None of us can claim to be not a lover of white shoes. We have at least one pair of white shoes in our wardrobe. Over time, these white shoes turn into muddy, black, or the vivid green hue of a newly cut lawn appear on our beloved denim, and it seems like it cannot be removed even with good soaps or even detergent, unfortunately. It is so frustrating, and you feel helpless.

Read the complete article to learn how to remove grass stains from your shoes. Here’s is another guide that shows 23 different techniques to clean your white shoes.

If you have kids, you realize that they contaminate all aspects of your body and just about any piece of clothing. Once it is dried, this green strip seems terrible, but there’s a correct and wrong way to do it. You will make the mark darker if you choose the wrong approach, or you can leave it accidentally washed. Your white shoes are no exception.

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Rather than scatter it, lock it in or throw it out, read some handful of simple and efficient ways to make it seem like never happened damage.


Make sure that your toothbrush scrubs both of your shoe contacts and corners. The usage of the braids means that the oils are cleaned thoroughly. No need to spend your precious bucks on getting some new piece. You can use your old toothbrush.


It is also a smart idea to get an excellent washcloth to clean off the stains until you rinse it dry. Take some time out to find an old washcloth in your home. Any worn-out washcloth can do an excellent job for you. 

Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent is an essential item you can use to strip grass from white shoes. It’s nice to remove grass from clothes, so why are shoes different? Rub a tiny quantity of a laundry detergent containing bleach or other whiteners. You should use a soft-brown toothbrush for leather or suede shoes. Keep the soap on for about 15 minutes and rinse it with warm water. 


This solution seems a little more effective than vinegar, but not as safe or harmless. It may not be anything you like to put on your clothing in particular circumstances, but it can be beneficial for dirty grassy shoes. It works well on a pair of shoes, as it will eliminate the mark when properly added on a shoe. It’s going to kind of ware down the color and melt it off and make it look like a new one. It does not work in all situations, though, but most of them have a little effort at their fingertips, and it can be a perfect home cure at a peak.

Dish Soap

Standard old dish soap is also adequate to get rid of such stains! Combine dish soap with warm water in equal amounts. With a gentle brush, apply the solvent on the stain and, if necessary, repeat it. Rinse the shoe with clear water when the mark is gone and let it warm.


If you hate bleaching your shoes, vinegar is also a good, healthy, and efficient way of eliminating a grass stain. Combine one-third of a cup of water and two-thirds of a cup of white vinegar. Use a smooth, clean cloth to remove the stain and then use more clean cotton to blast the stain. You should try it as much as you need to; clean the residue afterward with water.

Bleach and Peroxide Solution 

It should be used mainly on light-colored shoes because it can damage other fabrics and can be sparingly used irrespective of what you place on them. It not only absorbs stains but also over time deteriorates the fabrics, which accelerate the clothing’s aging. Only the material that you blend with is not suitable for surface touch and may damage other surfaces with which it comes into contact. Remember, this one is poisonous, and all consideration will be paid when dealing with it.

Grass Stain Remover

If you have taken one of the above measures and you still see the grass stains, the next step is to buy a commercial grass remover. Add a hydrogen peroxide tablespoon with some ammonia gout. Blend. Use a towel to add the ammonia solution and then scrub with clear water after applying the grass stain remover.

Add-on: How to Wash the Shoe?

Check the guidance first before you wash your shoes. In a tub or bucket, consider combining dish-washer soap and warm spray. Dip the shoe in the mix and wash it gently. Rinse the shoe with warm water and allow it to dry until the stain is entirely gone. This method is suitable for nylon or canvass shoes also. Mix a two-thirds cup of the water solution and a splash of liquid spray detergent for leather accessories. Use a gentle brush like a toothbrush. Sprinkle the water, clean the stains lightly, and wipe dry.

A Word from SizeEngine

If you have your shoes dirty, don’t you hate them? The grass fleck on our boots is one of the most frequent issues. It may be difficult to remove them, mainly if the stain has long been on foot. But, following the tips mentioned above, you can get rid of stains.