How to Clean Leather Shoes That Smell

In this guide, we’ll help you learn how to get the stink out of your shoes comfortably and quickly with step by step guide.

It is good that you have a nice pair of leather shoes. The leather is the best footwear stuff. It’s safe, respiratory, versatile, and attractive. Despite all, it can be a struggle to remove foot smells settle in. 

Leather uses fatty acids as a natural product to preserve and inhibit its structure. Your footwear is protected for a few reasons by a standard leather conditioning cycle. Wet leather facilitates the growth of bacteria and fungi, which in short order, may produce a serious odor. Next, well-treated leather retains odors in the atmosphere less often. Warning: any successful procedure of leather conditioning can conceal the footwear. Check it out first, on the back of the heel, on a safe spot. Leather conditioners that are thicker, deeper are great.

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Keep in mind these easy tips to stop quirky your shoes; just clean them if they get a little “strike.” All except the funkier shoes may be fixed in these ways:

Get Rid of the Fungus 

You can have a fungal infection if you have severely ranked footwear. Other non-pathogenic fungal organisms may colonize the boots that create nasty odors, even though you don’t have “sport’s foot.” Buy a standardized “foot and shoe powder mist” with a minimum of 1 percent resistance. If the insoles are open, kindly pull them out and spray the whole pair, as well as the insole on both sides. Allow them to dry in a dry and warm place for one hour then start treatment again.

Swap the Insole 

Stinky footwear is often just a stinky insole in actual. Since the wet portion of the foot is in close touch, the insoles are simply doused with sweat. Substitute the insole with material appropriate for the shoe, which is a comparable thickness to the insole of the facilities. You may even attach a fresh insole with a strong arch or even additional paddings to your socks, so carry your stinky old insoles to the store when you buy a new pair.

Let the Big Weapon Play its Game

Let’s presume you are so rated a pair of shoes that they are awful and horrible that they destroy flowers and make babies sad. Let’s assume you want to hold them beyond all justification. Maybe they remind you of some good moments shared with your loved ones. Don’t be scared – you have a safe alternative. Drop your insoles and scrub your shoes with a moist sponge inside and out with a generous dose of tea tree oil. Let your shoes dry in a comfortable, warm place (not hot!). Then, place in two dirty socks a whole packet of baking soda. Apply the soda solution on shoes for a couple of days, and encourage them to rest in your shoes. You can save a handful of stinky shoes with this strategy.

Use Socks to Protect Your Foot

A sock protects your foot. It prevents the movements of natural fats, weak skin, and infection of the foot. Additionally, if your feet smell not good, this natural scrub will collect and become fodder for fungus and bacteria in your boots. Particularly the socks will generate approximately one liter of suddenness in a day. Don’t you have some socks? This sweat goes on through the leather boots and can feel funkier in no time. Needless to say, this article may not have been read until you purchased your boots, and now you are living with a stinky foot situation. Not all is gone!

Wash Your Leather Every So Often

Use a warm wet towel every so often to clean off your leather boots inside and outside. Don’t use a waterproof fabric as it can contaminate and ruin the fabric. You also want it moist enough to elevate visible dirt and grime. Use a gentle soap and strong bristle brush for badly soiled shoes. Remove the insole before washing, either way. Keep the insole open when you have done it.

Store Your Leather Dry 

Sweaty, dull shoes are inevitable. After ten blocks to the job interview, you will feel a little bit wet with your little piggies. Do not exacerbate the issue by putting them in a dark, dank closet—place in a warm location with plenty of air circulation. Don’t doom the cupboard to them. Place your beautiful shoes on a lovely shelf to preserve the dry and scent of the feet as the sun and the breeze pass.

Baking Soda

Baking soda, naturally, is powdery material with mildly base (alkane) pH that neutralizes the pH-acid of other compounds surrounding, like wet soil on shoes where bacteria live. Baking soda is sodium bicarbonate. As other odor-provoking items, the acidic essence of human sweat and baking soda can be caused by the neutralization of bacterial fostering acids.

The other advantage of odor elimination is that the baking powder removes moisture easily by the odor-producing bacteria’s conditions of prosperity. As an odor-eliminating ingredient, baking soda has many benefits:

  • Baking soda to avoid shoe fumes lowers the risk that certain ingredients may cause an allergic skin reaction.
  • Baking soda clears out the odors by introducing any aromas that slow down and mix with your clothes.
  • Baking soda has a mild antibacterial effect and is also a fungicide.
  • The easiest way to handle dumb shoes is by far to produce soda.


White distilled vinegar, on the other side, is effective at rubbing off or scraping off unpleasant smells until it decreased to 50% by spray. The combination of a ball of cotton or a mist is used to combat fine feet. Settle and dry the mixture for 30 minutes.

Anti-bacterial Soap

Lastly, cleanse your feet with anti-bacterial soap. Once out of the shower, added moisture and smell relief can be gained through anti-fungal powders or creams. Besides, reach for wool socks or those with breathable fibers, avoiding thick socks on hot days.

Buy Sneakers with Respiratory Features

Next time you go shopping, search for sneakers with respiratory features that would less definitely pitch sweat to decrease the risk of stinking sneakers and feet. Leather sandals are an ideal option for optimum airflow in spring or summer. Moreover, it would most definitely be worth investing a little more on your shoe purchase. Better quality shoes are, therefore, more likely to tackle issues related to infection and retain a smart look and smell.

A Word from SizeEngine

If someone’s smelly shoes are stinking right next to you, a beautiful sunshine day will turn a nightmare. It is one of the worst smells to be identified because there is one who likes to feel or get the scent of smells. Stinky clothes or stinky feet may also be a source of pain. However, it is not entirely a mistake since hot temperatures contribute naturally to sweaty feet, which, in effect, helps to undesirable odors in the shoes. You can’t just throw away your stinky boots when it comes to leather boots because these are an investment, and you enjoy them, of course!