Inches to Centimeters Converter

Inches (In)

1 in = 2.54 cm

Centimeters (Cm)

1 cm = 0.39370079 in

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cm = in/0.39370
1 inch = 2.54 centimeters
(multiply the length value by 2.54)

Mathematical Steps / Dimensional Analysis Formula

1 in x 2.54 cm /1 in = 2.54 cm

2.54 cm
1 in
2.54 cm


What is Inch?
The inch is a measure of length or distance in US units. It is equal to ​¹⁄₃₆ yard, 2.54 centimeters, and ​¹⁄₁₂ of a foot. Symbols “in” or (the double prime) are used to describe the unit.

What is Centimeter?
A centimeter is a unit of length in the metric system. There are 2.54 centimeters in an inch. 100 centimeters are equal to one meter. The abbreviation “cm” is used to describe the unit.

Difference Between Inch and Centimeter Units

Both inches and centimeters are measurements of length. There are two systems of measures in the world, the Imperial system, and the Metric system. The imperial system is standard as a primary unit in the United States, where things are measured in inches, feet, pounds, miles, and gallons. Other places like Europe, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Russian, China, and others use the metric system, where things are measured in meters and grams. The United Kingdom uses both metric and imperial systems (also known as British Imperial)

In simple words, The inch is a standard/official unit of measurements in the United States, whereas, centimeter or cm is used as a standard unit in various parts of the world, including Europe.

Below is a simple chart depicting a list of countries use inches and centimeters as a primary or official unit.

Imperial SystemMetric System
United StatesEurope

Examples: inches to cm conversions

  • 1cm in inches – 0.3937008in
  • 10cm in inches – 3.9370079000000002in
  • 30cm in inches – 11.81102in = approx. 1 foot (1 ft = 12″)
  • 60cm in inches – 23.622in = approx. 2 feet (2ft = 24″)
Inches to Centimeters cm

Conversion Table Inches to Centimeters

1/2″1.27 cm50 1/2″128.27 cm
1″2.54 cm51″129.54 cm
2″5.08 cm52″132.08 cm
3″7.62 cm53″134.62 cm
4″10.16 cm54″137.16 cm
5″12.7 cm55″139.7 cm
6″15.24 cm56″142.24 cm
7″17.78 cm57″144.78 cm
8″20.32 cm58″147.32 cm
9″22.86 cm59″149.86 cm
10″25.4 cm60″152.4 cm
11″27.94 cm61″154.94 cm
12″30.48 cm62″157.48 cm
13″33.02 cm63″160.02 cm
14″35.56 cm64″162.56 cm
15″38.1 cm65″165.1 cm
16″40.64 cm66″167.64 cm
17″43.18 cm67″170.18 cm
18″45.72 cm68″172.72 cm
19″48.26 cm69″175.26 cm
20″50.8 cm70″177.8 cm
21″53.34 cm71″180.34 cm
22″55.88 cm72″182.88 cm
23″58.42 cm73″185.42 cm
24″60.96 cm74″187.96 cm
25″63.5 cm75″190.5 cm
26″66.04 cm76″193.04 cm
27″68.58 cm77″195.58 cm
28″71.12 cm78″198.12 cm
29″73.66 cm79″200.66 cm
30″76.2 cm80″203.2 cm
31″78.74 cm81″205.74 cm
32″81.28 cm82″208.28 cm
33″83.82 cm83″210.82 cm
34″86.36 cm84″213.36 cm
35″88.9 cm85″215.9 cm
36″91.44 cm86″218.44 cm
37″93.98 cm87″220.98 cm
38″96.52 cm88″223.52 cm
39″99.06 cm89″226.06 cm
40″101.6 cm90″228.6 cm
41″104.14 cm91″231.14 cm
42″106.68 cm92″233.68 cm
43″109.22 cm93″236.22 cm
44″111.76 cm94″238.76 cm
45″114.3 cm95″241.3 cm
46″116.84 cm96″243.84 cm
47″119.38 cm97″246.38 cm
48″121.92 cm98″248.92 cm
49″124.46 cm99″251.46 cm
50″127 cm100″254 cm

Conversion to other lengths


Conversion Inches to Centimeters Question Examples

Question: A Five-foot-tall person is 60 inches tall. How many centimeters tall is a five-foot person?


Set up the conversion factor, so the undesired unit is in the denominator. In this situation, we want inches to cancel out.

60 in = 60 in

inch to cm question

See how the inches unit cancels out, leaving only the centimeter unit.

60 in = 60 · 2.54 cm

60 in = 152.4 cm

Answer: A five-foot-tall person is 152.4 centimeters tall.

Question: The height of a fifteen-foot tree is 180 inches. What is its height in centimeters?


180 in = 180 in

See how the inches unit cancels out, leaving only the centimeter unit.

180 in = 180 · 2.54 cm

180 in = 457.2 cm

Answer: The height of a fifteen-foot-tall tree is 457.2 centimeters.

Question: A Woman with 9.87 inches feet length wears shoes of size 9. How to measure her feet in centimeters?


9.87 in = 9.87 in

See how the inches unit cancels out, leaving only the centimeter unit.

9.87 in = 9.87 · 2.54 cm

9.87 in = 25.0698 cm

Answer: The 9.87 inch woman’ feet are 25.0698 centimeters long.

Convert from Inches to other Measurements

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